Loan & Accounting System
Systech Computer Sdn. Bhd.
is specialized in
Hire Purchase System, Motor Management System,
Vehicle Management System, Loan Management System and
Accounting Software with Payroll
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GST Compliant Certificate

* No Kelulusan Kastam :
KE.HF(121) 426/ 05-187

销售 Sales
购买 Purchase
摩托车 Vehicle Stock
零件部 Spare Part Stock
车期贷款 Hire Purchase
工人薪资册 Payroll
会计系统 Accounts
消费税 GST Module
  • Margin Scheme Report (Lampiran B-0PT GST Bil 2E)
  • Jadual/Ringkasan Maklumat Permohonan Pembayaran Balik Kredit Cukai Input (Lampiran 2)
  • GST 03 Online Data Import And GST 03 Submission
  • IRR & DMR Auto Calculation For Mix Supply (HP Interest Income)
  • Input Tax And Output Detail & Summary Report
  • GST Annual Adjustment (IRR/TX-RE)
  • GST Audit File (GAF) Creation